Flexible Hospital Curtain Cubicle Track System

Mactrac Pro Plus Tracks

The Mactrac Pro Plus bed screen track system features a premium quality heavy duty (38mm x 20mm) aluminium track profile that is compatible with the Mactrac Ezi-Slide moveable track and Mactrac IV track systems.

Mactrac Pro Plus Typical Layout
Mactrac Pro Plus Hospital Curtain Tracks for Bed Screens

The Mactrac Pro Plus bed screen track system features a premium quality heavy duty (38mm x 20mm) aluminium track profile.

Mactrac Pro Plus is used predominantly for hospital bed screens, doctors’ surgeries, rest homes, showers, changing rooms and other such areas.

Compatible with the Mactrac Ezi-Slide moveable track and Mactrac IV track systems, Mactrac Pro Plus can also be fitted with Mactrac curtain changing cassettes to provide a system of fully integrated tracks.

Download the Technical Data Sheet (TDS):



The versatile Mactrac Pro Plus system can be supplied fabricated to suit various layouts and situations.

Track bends can be supplied prefabricated or manufactured on site,  depending on the complexity of the installation. Custom made components are available where required.

Standard finishes are satin silver anodised and white powder coated. Special colours are available on request.

Mactrac Pro Typical Layouts
Information Required for Quotation & Supply
  • Type of fixing (suspended or ceiling fixed)
  • Fixing substrate (anchored to concrete soffit, plasterboard ceiling, ceiling grid, suspended ceiling grid etc.)
  • Plans of installation, reflected ceiling plans, track layouts and scale plans or site measurements – or copies of quantity schedules
  • Allowances must be made for mechanical services, sprinklers, light fittings and ventilation
  • Fixing span
  • Height above floor
  • Track finish e.g. white powder coat, satin silver anodised
  • Track measurements
  • Bend details e.g. location and extent of bend in degrees, radius
  • Number and size of Mactrac curtain changing cassettes if required
  • Moveable track - how far this is to move along the system.

Note that multiple bends, special colour finishing, and custom-made components are available upon request.

Technical Information
Mactrac Pro Plus Track Measurements

38.14mm x 20.66mm, profile wall thickness 2mm, available up to 6m lengths.

Extruded aluminium, structural rectangular hollow section with lipped glide channel below.

NRS1 Glide and Stainless Curtain Hook


Made from high density polyethylene, circular in plan, waisted in section to slide between the lipped channel, with a closed ring beneath. Choice of acetyl or stainless steel hook from which the curtain is suspended. You may also choose extra long hooks  (8cm compared to a 3cm drop) for hoisting situations.

There is a minimum 10 glides supplied per metre of track.

Anti-ligature safety glides are also available for areas of high patient risk.  These release the curtain when it is subjected to consistent downward pressure.

Ezi-Slide Track

Height above floor
It is recommended that suspended track be installed at a minimum height of 2100mm from the floor. It is increasingly common for bed screen track to be ceiling fixed.

Bed screen curtain travels freely around all sections of track.

Mactrac Pro Plus can be bent to a 400mm radius or fabricated to a large variety of configurations.

Standard finishes are white or ivory powder coated or satin silver anodised. Special colours are available on request.

Approved fixings for solid concrete, brick, timber walls / ceilings and cavity walls / ceilings are used when product is installed by a Mactrac approved installer.

CFP2 Ceiling Fitting Plate for Mactrac

Standard fittings available for the Pro & Pro Plus Track Systems are:

Since Healthcare facilities are all unique, please have your planners contact us for help in designing the best system for your particular use case & location. See the diagram near the bottom of this page for a one room example of how the parts may fit together to form a bespoke system.

Ezi-Slide Track

Mactrac Ezi-Slide Tracks

Cubicle sizes can be changed by simply sliding the track to a different position. This is ideal in settings where spaces need to be frequently reconfigured to accommodate beds and equipment, such as Accident and Emergency departments. The track can be easily moved by one person. Compatible with Mactrac Pro Plus and IV tracks.
IV Track Photo

IV Tracks

Intravenous equipment glides smoothly along Mactrac IV tracks, providing ultimate convenience and flexibility. Choose from straight or curved options. 
curtain changing casette

Changing Cassettes

Removing and replacing curtains is quick and easy when you add Mactrac curtain changing cassettes to your track system. The uniquely designed cassettes allow you to change bed screen curtains safely from the floor, without the need for ladders or patient disruption.
Anti-Ligature Medical Curtain Hangers


Two magnet-based track systems that release the curtain or the track from the brackets when a load of more than 20kg is detected, reducing the risk of self-harm.