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Extra Long Hook & Glide - NRS1 - Pack of 50

Extra Long Hook & Glide - NRS1 - Pack of 50

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NRS 1 Long

The hook on this glide is approximately 8cm long for ease of use in hoisting situations.

Nylon ring glide with stainless steel hook.

Mactrac glides are designed of solid nylon to optimise the outstanding properties of high-density polyethylene. This coupled with the design of Mactrac tracks, which incorporate rounded ridges in the runner channel providing a minimal surface contact area between track and glide. Thus our glides move faster and give superior performance to the equivalent nylon wheeled roller and eliminated the noisy operation and wear associated with the dirt build up on the additional moving parts.

Compatible with Mactrac Pro/SC2, Mactrac Pro Plus/SC3, Mactrac Project/FC1 tracks.


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