Hanger Rod

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These rods are custom cut to the length you need to hang your tracks at the height you need from your ceiling. Please fill out the form on this page to let us know what length you'll need, and we can let you know the price for your custom part.

Residential Use - Shower Tracks

If the end of your Shower Track doesn't attach to a wall, you'll need an End Bracket, and the extra support of an Extra Shower Hanger Rod.

The Extra Shower Hanger Rod is shown in middle of picture above. The track is shown here for illustrative purposes only.

Commercial Use - Pro & Pro Plus Tracks

Hanger Rods and their parts are also used with the Mactrac Pro & Pro Plus Healthcare Track Systems.

Components of the Hanger Rod System

This product is the hanger rod & two footings; the Top Hanger Ferrule - THF (circular foot in pictures above), and Bottom Hanger Ferrule - BHF (long oval shaped foot in pictures above).

This component is a replacement part for

Curved Shower Track

This item is an upgrade for

Buttonhole Shower Curtain
Straight Shower Tracks
from $60.00 inc GST
Curved Shower Track