Mactrac Tracks Packaged

Quality tracks for smooth gliding curtains

Mactrac’s market-leading track systems are designed and manufactured in New Zealand using premium quality aluminium that is versatile and built to last.

Our range of curtain tracks supports the lightest of sheer curtains, the heaviest of stage curtains, and everything in between.

All tracks may be custom bent, cut to size, or powdercoat coloured to suit your unique space.

Sheer Curtain Tracks

Sheer Curtain Tracks

Light weight, hand-drawn curtain tracks for privacy & sun protection.
Hanging Residential Curtains on a single track

Medium Weight Curtain Tracks

Standard, hand-drawn curtain tracks for light to mid-weight curtains.
Full Weight Hand Drawn Curtain Tracks

Deluxe Full Weight Tracks

Full weight tracks for medium to heavy curtains with the option of being hand or cord drawn. These are the best tracks for custom bends.
Full Weight Cord Drawn Curtain Tracks

Double Curtain Tracks

Create a layered effect with two different curtain fabrics to regulate heat and light, provide privacy, or create mood and texture.
Curtain Tracks

Mactrac Project Commercial Tracks

Create luxurious spaces with our commercial quality Project Tracks for curtains in unique architecture, such as buildings with high ceilings or large open spaces.
Stage Curtain Tracks

Mactrac Stage Curtain Tracks

For the heaviest of multi-story curtains, Mactrac Stage Track is our most durable commercial track. From home theatres to school auditoriums, this track can take the weight of the heaviest of curtains.