Bath Tub & Shower Curtain

Sleek shower tracks that add a finishing touch to your bathroom

Mactrac bathroom products are designed to endure the dampest conditions, while also being strong, safe, maintenance-free, and easy to install.

Shower Curtain

Straight Shower Curtain Track Sets

These tracks come in two standard sizes and provide a simple, classic look. Choose from 900mm or 1800mm tracks, or talk to us if you need a custom-made option.
Curved Shower Track

Curved Shower Curtain Track Sets

Create a more spacious shower experience with a curved track, which keeps the curtain further from your body. Curved tracks give your bathroom a stylish and contemporary feel.
Custom Shower Curtain Tracks

Custom Shower Tracks

For unique or non-standard showers, we can engineer custom tracks to perfectly match your space. Send us your measurements for points A, B, C, D (and E if required) and we can provide you with a quote. 
Home Shower Seat 450

Shower Seats

Our ShowerRest shower seats have been designed specifically for use by disabled or elderly people in wet areas, changing rooms, and as convenience seats in areas of restricted space.
Grab Rail

Safety Rails

Professionally engineered aluminium handrails that can be used for safety and support in a range of indoor and outdoor settings around your home.