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Standard Curtain Glide and Hook Pack of 50 - NRS1

Standard Curtain Glide and Hook Pack of 50 - NRS1

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standard curtain track glide nylon white stainless steel hook

Standard Glides for Project & Healthcare Tracks

Our standard Curtain Glide and Hook (NRS1) is comprised of our NRS2 Nylon glide and SSH stainless steel hook to help your curtains glide smoothly. These are the standard glides provided with the Hospital Pro & Pro Plus Commercial & Healthcare Tracks and the commercial Mactrac Project/FC1 tracks, and are also sold separately.

Mactrac glides are designed of solid nylon to optimise the outstanding properties of high-density polyethylene. This coupled with the design of Mactrac tracks, which incorporate rounded ridges in the runner channel providing a minimal surface contact area between track and glide. Thus our glides move faster and give superior performance to the equivalent nylon wheeled roller and eliminated the noisy operation and wear associated with the dirt build up on the additional moving parts.

Durable but harder to replace
These are best in a domestic setting such as for use with any curtains and shower curtains with metal eyelets, as they will need less replacing and are more durable than the Acetyl hooks, but  they are harder to replace if you need to replace them.

If you are outfitting a commercial wetroom where the humidity may be consistently high and/or the usage is more commercial in nature, or if you are hanging shower curtains with button holes instead of metal eyelets, then you may wish to change these out for NRS9 Acetyl Hooks on Nylon Ring Glides which are very easy to replace & dispose of if/when needed.

Need longer hooks?
The height from glide's connection point to the bottom of the hook is approximately 3cm. If you need longer hooks for your particular curtains, then upgrade to the NRS1-Long Hooks.

Compatible with Mactrac Pro/SC2, Mactrac Pro Plus/SC3, Mactrac Project/FC1 tracks.

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