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Mactrac Shower Track



Mactrac Shower Track


Mactrac Shower Track is strong, safe, durable and maintenance free. Mactrac Shower Track is easy to install and will give you a lifetime of trouble free use, even in the dampest conditions.


See also our range of Guide handrails and safety rails and our ShowerRest range of shower seats.

Features & Benefits


Precision made aluminium track supplied anodised or powder coated to prevent corrosion.
Fitted with heavy duty acetyl hooks and supplied with UV treated siliconed nylon glides.
Stainless steel fastenings for strength and corrosion resistance.
Wall to wall fixing with uniquely designed brackets that can be used to anchor the last glide and hook.
Handy towel or robe hanging hook on each track.


Easy to follow installation instructions and all the componentry required are included with every Mactrac shower set. Standard size tracks are available, or tracks can be custom made to suit special applications. Note that all curved tracks have a 300mm radius bend.




White, ivory, satin, silver, bright silver and bright gold are the most popular colours. We can also supply shower tracks in a wide range of powercoat colours to match your decor, at no extra cost.


Standard Sizes



Curved Sets

900 x 900    
1200 x 900 LH    
1200 x 900 RH    
1800 x 900 LH    
1800 x 900 RH    
1200 x 1200    
1050 x 800 x 1050 U    

Straight Sets




For 1200mm x 900mm and 1800mm x 900mm tracks, specify whether you need a left hand or a right hand set (see the diagrams). An easy way to remember this is that if the shorter length of the track is on the left, it’s a left hand track and if it’s on the right, it’s a right hand track.

Special Size (Custom Made) Shower Tracks



These tracks are made to order. For pricing purposes, we need to establish the required dimensions.



Simply print this out for your customer and ask them to

fill in the measurements required at A, B, C, D (and E when required).



Straight shower curtain track sets

Each 900mm straight shower track set is supplied complete with one towel hanger hook attached, two wall brackets, nine glides with acetyl hooks, stainless steel fixing screws and installation instructions.


Curved shower curtain track sets

Each curved shower track set is supplied complete with two towel hanger hooks attached, one 600m ceiling hanger rod, two wall brackets, 18 glides with acetyl hooks, stainless steel fixing screws and installation instructions.


Other components

Where one end of the track doesn't meet the wall, it can be neatly finished with an end cap bracket. In these cases, an extra hanger rod may be required. Talk to us about what you need.


In situations where there's a sloping ceiling, we have a specially designed bracket to make sure the track is level.


And if the track doesn't meet the wall at 90°, our swivel wall bracket should be used.


If you have any questions about what you need to get the best result for your shower curtain track, please contact us.


Please note components are not shown to scale.



Wall bracket AWB
Top hanger ferrule THF
Bottom hanger ferrule BHF
Sloping ceiling bracket SCB
Swivel wall bracket SWB
Hanger rod tube only
Towel hanger hook
NRS9 glide with acetyl hook
End cap bracket ECB


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