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Mactrac Ezi-Slide Moveable Bed Screen Track


The Mactrac Ezi-Slide moveable bed screen track system allows cubicle sizes to be changed by simply sliding the track to a different position. This is ideal in areas such as Accident and Emergency where additional monitoring equipment may be needed, or in any areas where working space is limited and flexibility is required.


The unique patented polyethylene slider has pivoting and trombone actions. This Mactrac design feature eliminates jamming and helps to ensure a lifetime of trouble free use. Another major benefit is that it allows the tracks to be moved easily by one person. And with one finger.


These tracks use components compatible with Mactrac Pro Plus (SC3) heavy duty bed screen track and Mactrac IV track, which provides a system of fully integrated tracks.


Moveable track spans are not limited to specific widths. Talk to us about what you need.


Mactrac curtain changing cassettes can be fitted to the Ezi-Slide moveable bed screen track system.





NZ patent no. 335686,
Australian patent application no. 34024/00


Click here for the Mactrac Ezi-Slide moveable bed screen track specification template.


Where Mactrac Ezi-Slide moveable bed screen track is fitted, the Mactrac Warranty of Quality applies when it is installed by a qualified Mactrac approved installer.


Click here to see the full Mactrac Warranty of Quality.


If you have any queries, or there’s something you need clarification on, please contact us.



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