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Mactrac IV Track System for IV Bottle Holders



Mactrac IV Track


The Mactrac IV track system is made from premium quality extruded aluminium and uses a hard wearing nylon slider fitted with a swivelling and pivoting stainless steel hook.


The slider is designed to move effortlessly along the track and around bends to any position. The stainless steel hook is formed to hold the Mactrac series 3000 or 3001 adjustable IV bottle holders or the Mactrac IV extension hook.


The track is normally ceiling fixed, making it unobtrusive and can be supplied straight, or curved to suit special requirements.


The Mactrac IV track system shares the same external dimensions as Mactrac Pro Plus heavy duty and Ezi-Slide moveable track extrusions so the system can be fully integrated when required.




Click here for the Mactrac IV track specification template.


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