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Mactrac Curtain Changing Cassettes



Mactrac Curtain Changing Cassettes


The Mactrac curtain changing cassette is a unique patented device that allows for the quick and easy changing of bed screen curtains. The cassette is actually a section of track that can be removed with the curtain attached, using the specially designed loading/unloading tool. The cassette is then
reintroduced to the track with the clean curtain ready for immediate use.


Using the Mactrac curtain changing cassette system, curtains at any height can be changed from the floor. There is no need for steps or ladders, saving time and ensuring safety.


Cassettes are available for both the Mactrac Pro (SC2) and Pro Plus (SC3) bed screen track systems. They are produced in 400mm and 600mm sizes which hold 2700mm and 5000mm of curtain material respectively. All parts are aluminium or stainless steel, making the cassettes strong, durable and maintenance free.


Mactrac curtain changing cassettes can be installed on ceiling fixed or suspended tracks. We recommend they are located at the end of the track run, at the foot of the bed.


This allows the curtains to be changed with a minimum of disruption to the patient and it’s quicker because the work area is clear.


Note that the cassettes can also be installed on Mactrac Ezi-Slide moveable tracks.



Click here for information on the Mactrac Ezi-Slide moveable bed screen track system.


NZ patent no. 337116
Australian patent application no. 51865/00
USA patent no. 6536091


Where Mactrac curtain changing cassettes are fitted, the Mactrac Warranty of Quality applies when they are installed by a qualified Mactrac approved installer.

Click here to see the full Mactrac Warranty of Quality.



Unique patented spring locking and releasing system.

All components are made from stainless steel and aluminium.


Click here for the Mactrac curtain changing cassettes specification template.


If you have any queries, or there’s something you need clarification on, please contact us.


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