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Pack of 30 Quick-Clips

The Mactrac Quick-Clip is a specially designed acetal clip made for the Mactrac Care Antimicrobial Curtain range that acts as an intermediate between track and curtain to increase the ease and speed of coupling and decoupling.

Mactrac Quick-Clips are strong but flexible, made from acetal, ensuring a long life of drawing curtains. The Mactrac Quick-Clips have been engineered to be compatible with the NRS2 glide. This premium glide is made from high density polyethylene with a ‘waisted-in’ section for smooth translation and complete rotation.

Using Mactrac Quick-Clips allow you to realise the full benefits of the Mactrac glide and track systems without the use of lesser quality third party track inserts which tend to increase drag and degrade prematurely.

Mactrac Quick-Clip speed up curtain interchange allow for full integration with the Mactrac Pro and Pro Plus curtain track systems.

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