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Mactrac Care Antimicrobial Curtains

Mactrac Care Antimicrobial Curtains

NZ$400.61 inc GST

Mactrac Care Antimicrobial Curtains are non-woven, 100% polypropylene disposable curtains specifically designed for use in environments that require curtain fabrics to have strong antimicrobial properties such as medical and other healthcare centres. These disposable medical curtains are durable and fire-safe, with long-lasting antimicrobial properties that remove the need for laundering, providing a more cost-effective option for healthcare environments when compared with traditional cotton or polyester curtains.

Mactrac Care Antimicrobial Curtains come in two options: Clinical Curtains and Hospital Curtains.

  • Mactrac Care Antimicrobial Clinical Curtains have a standardised drop of 2m and either 3.75 or 7.5m lengths.
  • Mactrac Care Antimicrobial Hospital Curtains have a 2.35m drop and feature a 40cm mesh with 5cm fabric header, which allows for airflow and reduces possible obstruction of sprinkler systems. Antimicrobial Hospital Curtains can come in 5.5m or 7.5m lengths.

All Mactrac Care Antimicrobial Curtains are made compatible with Mactrac Hospital Curtain track systems using the specially designed Quick-Clip.

Individual unit price available upon request

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