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Mactrac Heavy Duty Cord-operated Curtain Track System



Mactrac Stage Track


Mactrac Stage Track is a heavy duty cord-operated curtain track system developed for use in theatres, school and church halls, and as a room divider. It uses a premium quality extruded aluminium track with siliconed nylon carriers and glides for smooth effortless operation. The pulleys have hardwearing nylon wheels with marine grade stainless steel casings for strength and durability. The system is operated by a 4mm braided nylon cord, which is tensioned by a spring tensioner.


It is recommended that the track system be fitted to a 150 x 50 mm timber bearer to ensure the track is both level and straight for maximum performance.


Ceiling fixing plates are used to attach the track to the bearer and also act as supports when the track length dictates that joins are required. The system can be bent to suit special requirements. Standard finishes are satin silver anodised and white powder coated. Special colours are available on request.




The following information is required for quotation or manufacturing purposes:


Plans of installation
Track finish ( eg white powder coat, satin silver anodised)
Finished measurement of track
Measurement of stage width
Details of track height for cord drop
Cording requirements (left hand or right hand, 1 way or 2 way)
Size of overlap (300mm is standard)
Type of substrate available for fixing (150 x 50mm timber recommended)
Bend details
Any special requirements



The Mactrac Warranty of Quality applies for Mactrac Stage Track when it is installed by a qualified Mactrac approved installer.


Click here to see the full Mactrac Warranty of Quality.


Click here for the Mactrac Stage Track specification template.

If you have any queries, or there’s something you need clarification on, please contact us.



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