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Mactrac Curtain Tape & Miscellaneous Components


We supply a full range of Mactrac componentry to accompany our curtain tracks, including glides, end stops, brackets, curtain hooks, track joiners, fasteners, draw cord components and curtain tapes.


Please note these components are not shown to scale.


Curtain Tape

28mm curtain tape

White polycotton.


75mm curtain tape

White polycotton.

Curtain Hooks

Standard curtain hooks

Nylon, white finish


T Bar curtain hooks

Nylon, white finish


Pin hook

Metal, silver finish

Track Joiners

Joiner for Mactrac Easi-Bend (Mac5)

Metal. Silver finish.


Joiner for Mactrac Deluxe (Mac3)

Nylon. White finish.

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