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Mactrac Curtain Track Standard Sizes



Standard Sizes



Curved Sets

900 x 900    
1200 x 900 LH    
1200 x 900 RH    
1800 x 900 LH    
1800 x 900 RH    
1200 x 1200    
1050 x 800 x 1050 U    

Straight Sets

900 mm    
1800 mm    



For the 1200mm x 900mm and 1800mm x 900mm, specify whether you need a left hand or a right hand set (see the diagrams). An easy way to remember this is that if the shorter length of the track is on the left, it’s a left hand track and if it’s on the right, it’s a right hand track.

Note that all curved tracks have a 300mm radius bend.


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