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Mactrac Shower Tracks and Hanger Rod Systems



Mactrac Shower Tracks


When it comes to shower and bath areas, Mactrac is a market leader in great looking track and hanger rod systems to match the look your customers want and to provide reliable and long lasting performance (see also our Guide range of safety rails and ShowerRest range of seats).


We can also supply a range of Mactrac residential window curtain tracks in fashion profiles

and colours for domestic and commercial use.


Mactrac is specified by more architects around New Zealand than all others combined. Architects don't want anything but the very best so they specify the strong, durable and smooth performance of Mactrac.


If you need Mactrac advice or information, call us free on 0800 838 725 to talk to our friendly customer services staff. They can tell you all you need to know about size colour, custom making, price and delivery.


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