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Spans & Spacings


We know from feedback we’ve had from a number of architects that it would be very useful for you to have a guide as to the recommended maximum spans for our tracks, and the number and location of brackets to support them.


From our experience with commercial work, we know just how difficult it is to provide rules of thumb for these variables because every job has its own challenges and there are as many exceptions as there are rules. Is the track ceiling fixed or suspended, what is the substrate the fastenings will be fixed in to, what fixtures are there on the ceiling grid that have to be accounted for, and so on. Then there are moveable tracks to consider, and whether the tracks will be mounted with curtain changing cassettes.


However, we are confident that we can provide a guide that you will find useful in your planning. Our engineer is currently working on this.


We will advise you when the website is updated with this information.


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