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Commercial Bed Screen Window and Shower Curtain Tracks


Mactrac Commercial

Bed Screen, Window & Shower Tracks


Mactrac – the tried and tested New Zealand made track, is widely specified in commercial projects throughout New Zealand and Australia.


In fact, our track is specified in so many commercial projects throughout New Zealand that we are proud to be able to say that Mactrac is the architects choice. See some of the larger projects Mactrac has been used in throughout the Pacific.


Mactrac is made from premium quality extruded aluminium. It’s strong, versatile, attractive and most importantly, it performs – year after year.


In bed screen applications, Mactrac has set the standard for many hospitals and rest homes. The system integrates with Mactrac IV (intravenous) and Ezi-Slide moveable bed screen track, and our unique curtain changing cassettes.


Mactrac Stage Track is a heavy duty cord operated system developed for use in theatres, schools and church halls, and as a room divider.


Our made to measure window track options are many and varied to complement your desired commercial application.


In shower and bath areas, Mactrac is a market leader in stylish track and hanger rod systems to match the look you want (see also our Guide range of grab rails and ShowerRest shower seats).


And if you want to explore something quite adventurous, talk to us about how we can help. Here’s an example of a special application we have previously been involved with.


Specifying Mactrac for your project is easy. Use our specification templates and simply cut and paste them into your plans. If you’d like more information on the technical aspects of our products, ask us for more information.


All our products carry The Mactrac Warranty of Quality. Click here for more details.


If you have any queries, or there’s something you need clarification on, please contact us.


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